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Carmen Lopez
Professor Sykes
English 101
4 November XXXX
“A Question of Ethics” Left Unanswered
In her essay “A Question of Ethics,” Jane Goodall, a scientist who has studied chimpanzees for years, tries to resolve a complicated ethical dilemma: Under what circumstances is it acceptable to cause animal suffering to prevent human suffering?
Her answer, however, remains somewhat unclear. Although Goodall challenges scientists to avoid conducting unnecessary tests on animals, she does not explain the criteria by which scientists should determine necessity.
Goodall argues that her readers have an ethical obligation to protect animals from suffering, but she also implies that it might be necessary sometimes to abandon that obligation. She points out that animals share similar traits with human beings: they have a capacity for certain human emotions, and they may be capable of legitimate friendship. Goodall’s evidence for this claim is an anecdote from her research. She recounts that one chimpanzee in her study, named David Greybeard, “gently squeezed [her] hand” when she offered him food (62). Appealing to readers’ emotions,
Goodall hopes to persuade readers that the chimp is “sociable” and
“sentient,” or feeling (62). According to Goodall’s logic, if researchers are careful to avoid tests that cause human suffering, they should also be careful to avoid tests that cause suffering for other life forms.
When Goodall asserts that scientists shouldn’t mindlessly
Lopez 1
Opening summarizes the article’s purpose and notes the author’s credentials. Lopez’s summary helps readers understand her analysis and gives her credibility.
Thesis expresses
Lopez’s own judgment of Goodall’s article. Lopez summarizes
Goodall’s main points. Quotation is cited with an MLA intext citation. Lopez begins to identify and question Goodall’s…...

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