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The Guilford Strategic Alliance: Building Tomorrow, Today Pursuing and Maximizing Our Potential

Developing Our Road Map

Focus Groups Summary Report*
As of March 2008 * So far

The Guilford Strategic Alliance: Building Tomorrow, Today - Community Survey Results

Table of Contents
Introduction Focus Group Summaries
Immigrants Judicial System Greensboro News and Record Editorial Staff Secondary Education Greensboro Foundations Towns – Jamestown, Pleasant Garden, Sedalia, Stokesdale, Summerfield, Whitsett Higher Education Environment Cooperative Extension County Advisory Group Former Guilford County Commissioners Non-Profit Organizations Hospitality, Conventions, Arts & Sports Focus Group

Detailed Notes from Focus Group Meetings

Why Focus Groups? Phase One of the Strategic Alliance Project was Assessment. The goal during this phase was to engage the public in the project, to receive comments from stakeholders and residents, and to establish a benchmark for future public assessments of County performance. Three methods were used to meet the Assessment goal: a community survey, facilitated public forums and focus groups. This report summarizes the focus group discussions. How did input differ from the community forums and survey? The focus groups are made up of community stakeholders that have specific interactions with County government. In some cases there is a very strong existing relationship. In others, there is a desire for greater interaction. For example, while the “focus” and direct relationship between the County and the Judicial group relates to courtroom space, crime prevention is an issue that involves the entire community. Because of the participant make-up of focus groups and the meeting format, questions posed to the groups varied slightly but followed these major themes: What does Guilford County/county government do…...

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