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Following the American Psychological Associations Guidelines

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Following the American Psychological Associations Guidelines

Background Research: Step 1

Lone pine cemetery situated in Washington state, Klickitat county established in the 1800’s is a public cemetery located around six miles northwest of Clarksville and is two and a half mile east on Lone Pine road. Many mature oak trees and a few mature pine trees possibly planted at the time of cemetery foundation fills the cemetery. At the south eastern region is an archway painted white with the lettering of Lone Pine cemetery written across the top. To my opinion the gravestones are all in good conditions with some older ones needing cleaning and renovations. Several graves have flowers giving the foresight that the cemetery's care is adequate.

On April 08 1857, David Frazee and David Slusher gave a deed to a Christian church composed of the disciples of Christ meeting at pleasant valley, in Ameli township, Washington county of three acres of land to be held sacred to the construction of a cemetery and erection of a meeting house. This act gave birth to Lone pine cemetery and a church that housed the disciples meeting for a prayer. From the cemetery’s database, on the transcription notes the earliest birth date recorded is in the year 1809, and the earliest death date is in the year 1883.

Data collection: Step 2

It was on Saturday 24th June 2012 when I visited the Lone Pine cemetery. The weather conditions on this day were harshly having rained the whole night prior to my visit. The morning weather conditions were…...

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