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Concepcion, Ma. Noelle. U., Corpus, Ian Dexter. N., Dayanghirang, Vivien Angela I., De Vera, Yerim K., Del Pilar, Nicole Alexandre L.
Group 3 – 2CPH Organic Chemistry Laboratory

The group extracted caffeine from tea using single extraction, where 10 tea bags(15g) were boiled in 100ml of water containing 4.4g of anhydrous sodium carbonate. The extract was placed in a separatory funnel and the 60 ml of dichloromethane was poured at once to the mixture in a separatory funnel. From two distinctive layers, the clear portion was collected in a beaker containing anhydrous sodium sulfate. The group decanted the solution to pre-weighed evaporating dish and was evaporated to dryness. The weight of the dried product was 0.9 g, which was determined by subtracting the weight of pre-weighed evaporating dish from weight of evaporating dish containing the residue. The percentage yield of the caffeine was 6%.

INTRODUCTION: Extraction is the process of solute tra-nsfer from one solvent to another solvent to where the extractive is more soluble (Pavia, 1998). The theory of extraction is the immiscibility in two liquid phases to separate only desired content from the others. It is used in the isolation of natural products, which consist of multi-component mixtures, from its sources. It commonly utilizes organic solvents, such as ether, hexane, and benzene or methylene chloride to extract organic substance. Extraction consists aqueous phase and organic phase, wherein the extractives will transfer (Furniss,et al,1989). It is important to know the distribution coefficient of the substance to be extracted because it will help in the selection of proper solvent to be used. Distribution coefficient, partition coefficient or K, is the ratio between the equilibrium concentrations of substance in second solvent and first solvent, as denoted in the Figure 1.…...

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