Forrest Gump: a Tear Jerking Movie Experience

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Forrest Gump: A Tear Jerking Movie Experience

Erica Charisse B.Romero
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March 4,201
In the movie, Forrest Gump started off having both physical and mental disabilities. His mother taught him things like he is no different than anyone else, which helped him carry that thought along his journey. Then she met Jenny her friend and love of her life, which also became an inspiration to him despite her trying to avoid Forrest.
Forrest Gump showed in the movie that your inspirations in life can help you succeed.
Despite being physically challenged at first and mentally, he later on became a successful person. Success is not measured in the person’s background, it is in their capability whether they are willing to take the risk and go beyond their own limits. Forrest is a person, who did not expect great things will happen in his life, but time sure will fly and soon, change will come to him.
Forrest Gump became a part of the military, and throughout his combat in the Vietnam War, there wasn’t a time when he wasn’t thinking about Jenny. He even followed what Jenny told him, that he should just run and run. Forrest did not forget what Jenny thought him, so he did his best and helped everyone as possible. But tragically, he wasn’t able to save Bubba; his only friend in the military. That hit my heart as they talked normally to each other as Bubba was about to die. Forrest later on became a shrimp boat captain due to his promise to Bubba, along with lieutenant Dan; whom he rescued back then at the war. His company became successful that the both of them became billionaires.
It was a happy day for both of them…but then, Forrest heard bad news that his mother has an illness. So he swam right back to the surface and went home to see his mom. He saw his mom in her bed waiting for him. Her mother told her some kind words, about…...

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