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What is freelancing or out sourcing??
Freelancing or out sourcing is a huge opportunity to make money by using internet in your home and without investing money. If you are expert in any subject u can make money by this.
Scenery of outsourcing in BD
After envying success of garments industry in Bangladesh, freelancing is considering 2nd potential sector in Bangladesh. Lots of young boys and girls are now involving with freelancing. In 2011 BD achieved 4th position. A little information of freelancing in BD - 111,538 Contractors has created accounts in world’s largest outsourcing site so far.
Area of work
In a sentence area of freelancing is unlimited. Whatever you know you can start. Just u need to know the Basic English and minimum knowledge about Internet like browsing, mailing, chatting and so. Some of sectors of works are listed bellow 1. Web development 2. Software Development 3. Writing & Translation 4. Administrative Support 5. Design & Multimedia 6. Customer Service 7. Sales & Marketing 8. Business Services

Top websites for Freelancing How to work
Normally you can do a job in 2 ways.
No. 1 is fixed rate. Client will pay u a fixed rate for ur work.
No. 2 is hourly rate. Client will pay u hourly basis.
How to get money
There are several ways to get money.
You can get your money by check.
By wire transfer.
By International Master card.
By some broker websites, like money bookers, PayPal, Alert pay etc.

So far we have described the basic of outsourcing, how is it work, it’s opportunity etc. Now we are goanna describe our Goal.

Our Goal
Outside of USA market we want to capture Europe countries. Like German, Spain, Italy, France. German is our 1st choice. We got a great response from Germany…...

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