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In my opinion, the reasons to oppose gay marriage are farfetched and almost ridiculous. Legalization of gay marriage seems to be the reasonable choice when contemplating this particular issue. Homosexual men and women may have, admittedly, nontraditional partners; but bear in mind, that does not mean that they have any less love for one another than any heterosexual couple does.
The prevalent failure of marriages appears to have given rise to a paradox in the argument for same-sex marriage: why would anyone desire inclusion in a practice that seems to have lost its meaning? Reportedly, over half of all marriages end in divorce. There are many arguments opposing and supporting the legalization and legal acknowledgement of marriage between two people of the same sex. My question is; should anybody oppose this situation using the argument that the traditionally heterosexual idea of marriage is ‘critical’ for the well-being of society? Specifically keeping in mind the moral condition of our society today?
Homosexuality is not a new trend mysteriously sweeping the nation; it has, in fact, been a part of our country’s society since its founding. However, only in recent times has homosexuality been widely recognized as anything other than a psychological disorder. People are beginning to see it as a trait (whether it is cause by genetics or environment) that a person has the right to embrace. There are many legitimate arguments proposing that homosexual couples have a right to enter into legally recognized marriages. I find some of these arguments particularly compelling and in this paper I will use the utilitarian perspective to illustrate why same-sex marriage is indeed permissible both morally and legally.
It is written in the United States Constitution that each individual has the right to the pursuit of happiness, and the United States Supreme Court has stated that…...

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