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1 Heterosexualized Gay Characters

Will Truman, a lead character on the hit TV show “Will and Grace”, is handsome, career-oriented, and a successful partner at a law firm in New York City. His homosexuality is aired out within the first episode and so is his very close relationship with his best friend, Grace Adler. They dated in college until Will came out of the closet, and within the first season Will asks Grace to move in. Keep in mind that Will is depicting a male homosexual living in NYC. In order to balance with Will’s serious and what some might think of as not-so-gay personality, Grace who works as an interior decorator, is very humorous and fun. The focus of the show is on these two best friends, whom beside the fact that Will is gay, are the perfect “couple”(Connolly 288). “Will and Grace” is one of the first prime-time television series on NBC with an openly gay character, yet never portrays the true-life struggles of same sex couples. Marisa Connolly investigates the show’s success and the relationship between the two lead characters in her short essay, “Homosexuality on Television”. Connolly mentions that unlike the show “Ellen” staring Ellen Degeneres, homosexuality is never preached on “Will and Grace” but on the contrary shown as a lifestyle. A lot of emphasis was placed on Ellen’s coming out in the show, according to TV critics, making the show “too political and didactic” (Connolly 288). On the other hand, Will’s sexuality is less in-your-face and more heterosexual, thus creating a comfortable show for everyone to watch. This is what also helped the show go mainstream and become widely popular.

2 In early episodes Will is shown as to having problems with his orientationespecially at the law firm he works for and later becomes comfortable with it. Since Will doesn’t have stereotypical “gay” behaviors on the show, the question rises of why is…...

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