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Our brain consists of two halves known as the left and right hemisphere. The two halves of the brain are not exactly the same: the left side of the brain is normally larger. The two halves of the brain process information in different ways. Although one side (usually the left) is dominant in most people, nobody is totally right-or left-brained-just as no one is totally right-or-left handed. Did you know that women's brains are smaller than men's? The average male brain weighs about 1.3 kilograms, while the average female brain weighs ten percent less. The brain consists of 'grey matter' (the part of the brain that helps us think) and 'white matter' (the part that helps us transfer information). And while men have more of the latter, the amount of 'thinking' brain is almost exactly the same in both sexes.
It has been suggested that, in the case of human brains, smaller may also mean 'more efficient', perhaps because the two sides of the brain appear to be better connected in women. This means that little girls tend to learn to speak earlier, and that adult women can absorb all sorts of information from different sources at the same time, making them more adept at multi-tasking. When it comes to talking to the boss on the phone, cooking dinner and keeping an eye on the baby all at the same time, it's women who come out on top every time. Men seem to do better tackling one job at a time.
There are other important differences that distinguish male and female brains. White matter is the key to spatial tasks - knowing where things are in relation to other things - and men consistently do better on this kind of exercise.
The differences, according to researchers, begin in the womb. At about nine weeks old, differences in testosterone levels mean that male foetuses ['fiːtəs] ('an unborn human) begin to develop a male brain, and females a female brain. The results can be…...

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