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Generation Y in the Workforce - Managerial Challenges

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Generation Y in the Workforce: Managerial Challenges
Justin Meier, Graduate Student Stephen F. Austin State University, USA Mitchell Crocker, Associate Professor of Management Stephen F. Austin State University, USA

ABSTRACT This paper takes a look at the next generation, Generation Y, as it enters the workforce. Nearly all Gen Y research to date focused on characteristics and features drawn from a population still in the midst of the educational system. This research specifically targets Gen Y’ers that have been in the workforce for a few years. Data collection incorporated current technologies such as the social networking website Facebook to invite age-appropriate respondents to participate in this study. Participants completed the survey instrument on-line using a link to Survey Monkey. The data analysis focuses on those workplace issues that act as motivators or de-motivators for this generation. GENERATION Y IN THE WORKFORCE: MANAGERIAL CHALLENGES Toward Understanding Gen Y. What defines a generation? Through the years a number of different things such as wars, discoveries, politics, beliefs, and popular culture have all helped shape and define generations. The characteristics attributed to an age-bound demographic are often reflections of the events occurring in the world around them. While agreement on a definition may be lacking, through a combination of thoughts and ideas, educators can agree on certain aspects of each generation. A generation can influence styles and trends in business, while learning from the mistakes and successes of the previous generations. There have been numerous studies on Generation Y and the impact that they may have in the business world, yet the thoughts and experiences of this generation as they have entered the work force are scarce. Now that Gen Ys are entering the workforce, the impact of their presence can actually be…...

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