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*There were several things that I found to be very helpful with these videos. Here are my thoughts on each video and what specific things that I found to be very helpful and important. All of these videos provided crucial facts on how to be effective and do well in on class assignments as well as any other class too.

Financial Aid
The Financial Aid video provided contained very important information that is good to know because it tells about subsidized and unsubsidized loans. The information about paying back loans and which loans have interest is important to know because it can save you money. Its important to know that you don’t have to repay loans until you have finished your degree.

This video talks about the great opportunity you have with University of Phoenix. Video lets you know that you can receive help and ask questions at anytime to get help to complete what you have to get done. This video provided important information about the different forums, where to post assignments and discussions, and how to use the main page and website.

This information helps explain how to get through the class and shows the course information, policies, syllabus and a very helpful weekly outline. The weekly outline will help me the most because it will let me know exactly what to do each day.

This video shows you where you post your discussion responses for the week and also where you respond to your classmates about what they have posted. The discussion section also has that chat room that is used for discussing things as well.

This video is probably the most important video in my opinion. The provided information shows where to view, submit, and it also shows a summary of all assignments which is helpful as well. I think its also great that you can save your assignments in Microsoft Word just incase…...

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...Debt Maxed Out was a very informational movie to me especially because I learn things about debt that will help me. My family has problems with debt and credit card using so I wish by watching this movie I may help them with those problems. Some of the things that I heard and saw on this movie, I never knew about. Maxed Out gave me an advantage over most college students who are prone and vulnerable to credit cards and debt. College Students usually are the most vulnerable to credit cards and debt. When you go to school on your first day you see many stands with credit card companies or banks who are offering to take you in to their company. They don’t do it because they want to help but because they know that they can get money from student. When you are in college you may not have a lot of money and so you get a credit card and use it because you think it won’t hurt you. Therefore they get the student with the interest which they can not pay because if they had extra money then they wouldn't have had to use the credit card. Credit card companies also have another type of people that they target and maybe more than college students which is people who have already filed for bankruptcy. They go after people who have filled for bankruptcy because once you file for it once then you can’t do it again. Of course the reason most people are bankrupt in the fist place is because of debt with credit cards or loans. So then they already no that they get addicted......

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