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Due to globalisation and the rapid development of multinational firms, intercultural communication poses new challenges to the managers. In specific, the companies who extended their businesses in foreign countries faced the cross-cultural communication problem, where greater the cultural difference is more likely problem in communication. In order to achieve the goal of the organisation by the way of communicating with each other, it is an important approach for the organisation success, especially for firms that operate with subsidiaries in other countries. However, it is imperative to understand the diverse culture in an efficient way of cross-cultural communication to achieve the firm success (Bennis & Nannis, 1985; Erez, 1992; Chaney & Martin, 2011). More importantly, managers have the ability to understand the reasons at the back of action of business partners and attempt to point out ways to adjust the communication in an efficient manner. As stated by Hofstede (1997, p.4), culture is a mindset that influences directly the people’s way of behaviour and thinking.
Business Case
The present report critically analyse the real business situations of how international clients behave, in this case the behaviour of Swedish and Chinese staff. The scenario in this case is to identify the misunderstandings between the participants involved regarding their business, intercultural and communication strategies. In addition, the report will also explore several ways to which these strategies can be enhanced to promote efficient intercultural business communication between the participants. A Swedish company who has a supplier globally and the case analyses how Sweden business communication with Chinese suppliers created misunderstanding and their role of culture. Generally, Sweden firms have implemented the…...

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