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Global Awareness

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Global Awareness

Global Awareness

Have you ever wondered why numerous U.S. companies are timid about distributing their software products to the Chinese companies? The U.S. companies are faced with the hardship of losing billions of dollars due to the lack of ability to protect copy written software programs which leads to counterfeiting. An additional challenge would be the fact that the Chinese culture requires extremely high personal relationships in order for one to succeed versus the Western culture’s need to succeed only requires low or no personal relationship.
Piracy and counterfeiting are two main reasons why U.S. companies shy away from distributing their software to Chinese companies. Piracy is the act of illegally copying someone's product or invention without permission. Counterfeiting is making a copy of or usually with the intent to defraud. For instance, Steve Jobs invented the iPhone and it’s doing exceptionally well in the United States, and he decided to expand his consumer base overseas to China. However China fails to regulate the laws against piracy and counterfeiting, so now they have invent a clone of the iPhone called the hiPhone. Since the people are oblivious of the iPhone released in the United States, they may be uninformed of which product in their market is the authorized one made by Steve Jobs.
Since Steve Jobs is a reserved person, he would harder time trying to allocate his business to Chinese investors. To be accepted into the Chinese business culture, you have to build an exceedingly high personal relationship outside of the workplace with the investor. For example, it’s custom in the Chinese culture that if you want someone to invest in your product, then you would invite your investor out for dinner or a beverage. This kind of schmoozing will last until the investor becomes interesting in…...

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