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Going public through an IPO
Riordan Manufacturing’s approach through initial public offering will improve finances quickly. An IPO will raise capital and reduce debt. Funds acquired from common stock will be used to improve the area of the organization that needs help. The organization will have greater access to capital markets and in turn the valuation will increase. Riordan Manufacturing currently does not have a consistent format to maintain corporate date files (University Of Phoenix, 2013). They should consider installing an enterprise system that will improve financial accounting. Selling shares publically puts the company at high observation with the securities exchange commission, and state regulations. The Riordan organization will also have to submit regular financial reports to its shareholders.
Acquiring another organization in the same industry
If Riordan Manufacturing were to acquire another organization in the same industry they could block competitors and have dominance over the market share. Acquisition can also bring in a positive cash flow, along with a new customer base. There greater weaknesses that pertain to Riordan Manufacturing when considering an acquisition. Management and labor unions could be at risk when merging two companies. There will be a vast change in personnel especially with middle to high management, where elimination is inevitable. Shareholders will also have a positive increase however this can create a view that renegotiating will not be necessary. Even in a worse case scenario for Riordan Manufacturing, the shareholders return will increase through bankruptcy liquidation.
Merging with another organization
Merging with another organization will put Riordan Manufacturing at a higher risk for the future of the company. Merging with a corporation can drastically change the daily work habits of the existing employees for…...

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...egalitarian with no emphasis on class distinction. Christianity is the dominant religious orientation. Sixty four percent of the population identifies themselves as Christian however; citizens of Australia are free to practice any religion. Informal Trade Barriers It is through cross-cultural literacy that Australia was found to be similar to the United States in many respects therefore no informal trade barriers were identified. Factors such as language, religion, family make up and political designation are similar or the same as the United States and therefore prevent barriers of trade. Module 9 – Human Resource Needs Staffing In reviewing the various staffing policies available for international expansion, the geocentric approach was found to be the most attractive policy. The geocentric approach seeks the best people for jobs throughout the company, regardless of their nationality. This approach has the advantages of using human resources efficiently and building strong culture and informal management networks. (5) Unemployment rates were found to be low in Australia. In September 2010, the unemployment rate was listed as 5.1% and jobs are on the rise. Training, Development and Performance Appraisals Sephora puts a strong emphasis on training and development of its employees. The domestic training program was found to be transferable to Australia. Sephora sends all employees to Sephora University to attend the Science of......

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