Global Warming: What’s Up with the Weather Movie Notes

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Global Warming: What’s Up With The Weather Movie Notes


1) Why is it that weather and climate can be confused at times?

2) What is needed to distinguish between the two?

What makes it so difficult to come up with one value of the earth’s surface?

Is a 1 degree warming over the earth’s surface is a valid concern?

3) What did the monks from 500 years ago discover? Why were they a good measuring tool?

4) The weather patterns seemed to be highly variable over the last 20 years. Droughts, heat waves, floods and tropical storms seem to have become more active. IS this TRUE or FALSE? What are some examples?

5) What is the significance of ice core samples?

6) What is the significance of tree rings?

7) What is the significance of coral core samples?

8) Using these variables, how were they able to re-construct the past?

9) What is the significance of the Keeling Curve? Explain how it works. IMPORTANT!

10) Why is there a concern with an increase in Carbon Dioxide and an increase in global temperature? How does this relate to the Greenhouse Effect?

11) What are the atmospheres of Mars and Venus like?

12) Explain what is happening with the man in gas chamber and the infrared camera?

13) Part 4: Why is it easy to become confused about the future of climate. Are all climate models perfect? Is it somewhat true what Dr Singer says?…...

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...Global Warming: Fact or Fiction * What is Global warming * Causes of global warming * Car exhaust * Aerosols * Green house effect -Too much CO2 * Concerns about global warming * Endangering animals * Flooding/Hurricanes * Change in weather * Is Global Warming Real * What are the facts * Glaciers are melting * Carbon dioxide as increased * Global temperatures are rising * Facts against global warming * Is there proof * The earth is cooling * Earth is below average temperature * Most of the CO2 is from natural causes Global warming has been a major topic for scientist and environmental advocates for years and the question still remains is global warming fact or fiction. To be able to fully answer that question first we must understand global warming, what causes it, what the effects are, and how can we change it if it does exist. Global warming is when the earth’s temperature increases, which is caused by greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide, water vapor, nitrous oxide, and methane. These gases trap heat and light form the sun in the earth’s atmosphere causing the temperature to rise on earth. Greenhouse gases are necessary for the survival of life on our planet but due to the large increase of average global temperatures people are pointing at human activity for speeding up the process to a degree that is deemed unsafe. Certain events have caused the natural greenhouse gases to......

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