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What is the combined and maximum load capacity of litter and ambulatory patients? What is the range of the plane? How many attendants are needed? How fast can the aircraft travel? Name one advantage/ disadvantage of using this particular asset?
C-17 Globalmaster III Specifications: General characteristics Crew: 3: 2 pilots, 1 loadmaster Capacity: 102 troops or 36 litter and 54 ambulatory patients and 5-10 medical staff Payload: 170,900 lb (77,519 kg) of cargo distributed at max over 18 463L master pallets or a mix of palletized cargo and vehicles Length: 174 ft (53 m) Wingspan: 169.8 ft (51.75 m) Height: 55.1 ft (16.8 m) Wing area: 3,800 ft² (353 m²) Empty weight: 282,500 lb (128,100 kg) Max takeoff weight: 585,000 lb (265,350 kg) Power plant: 4× Pratt & Whitney F117-PW-100 turbofans, 40,440 lbf (180 kN) each Fuel capacity: 35,546 US gal (134,556 L) Performance Cruise speed: Mach 0.76 (450 knots, 515 mph, 830 km/h) Range: 2,420 nmi[74] (2,785 mi, 4,482 km) Service ceiling 45,000 ft (13,716 m) Max wing loading: 150 lb/ft² (750 kg/m²).This EVAC ( evacuation) platform is getting a lot of work between theaters, Germany, WRNMMC, and SAMMC. It has In-flight refueling. It has short takeoff and landing makes it a very versatile workhorse. This aircraft was designed as replacement for C141 Starlifter and a supplement to the C 130. It is inability to do point of wounding evacuation would be its only drawback, but it was not designed for that task. *You are required to respond to 1 additional posts made by other students.…...

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