Google Drive vs Dropbox

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Google Drive vs. Dropbox Inc.
April 23, 2014

Google Drive vs. Dropbox Inc.
Being in college or any higher learning institute is a task all in itself. It doesn’t really matter what level we're at whether it’s undergraduate or going for our masters or doctorate. Being a student of any sort usually consumes our life and most of our time. Take for example, the essay. Whether it’s for research, compare and contrast, problem and solution or your standard narrative essay, we often are utilizing various files and resources to complete our required tasks. Many of us already have jobs and families that consume our lives, and that can take away from our academic responsibilities. This can be a difficult thing to juggle, but what if you could have your files, content, personal documents, movies, and etc. everywhere and accessible all the time. I am talking about cloud storage and its limitless potential to make our lives as seamless as possible. There are two really big names in the cloud storage industry such as Google’s Drive, and Dropbox file storage but which one is for you? Both Google Drive and Dropbox make excellent choices for cloud storage, but deciding which is best depends on your lifestyle, your finances, and your preference in features.
Of the many services and apps that Google provides, Drive is arguably the best service it provides, well outside of Gmail. Having a Google account automatically gives you 15GB of free cloud storage. All of Google’s services are unified under one login ID, which is your Gmail. If you have an android device, your Operating System (OS) is already optimized and integrated with and for Google’s Drive. It doesn’t matter if you use one of Google’s services or all of them, your storage is shared across all of the Google services you choose to use. Drive, allows you to have a local folder on your PC, and have it synced…...

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