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Google: One of Australia’s Best Places to Work

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Google: one of Australia’s best places to work
Employee Motivation and Rewards

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction 3

2.0 Problem Identification 3

3.0 Critical Analysis 4

4.0 Recommendations 7

5.0 Conclusion 8

6.0 Reference List 9

1.0 – Introduction

Employee recognition is the timely, informal or formal acknowledgement of a person’s or team’s behaviour, effort or business result that supports the organization’s goals and values (Schermerhorn; Davidson; Poole; Simon; Woods; Chau;, 2010). But are these assumingly non-monetary rewards and motivations enough to keep an employee performing at their full potential? The purpose of this report is to discuss and explore the idea that if the base monetary compensation of an employee is not on-par with what the employee believes they are worth, are non-salary based motivational techniques and rewards both intrinsic and extrinsic, enough to keep that employee from feeling underappreciated and dissatisfied with their working environment (Rodgers, et al., 1992). This report also proposes recommendations, and critically evaluates these proposals, in order to clarify the need of having an effective employee compensation review process in place as well as worthwhile non-monetary based motivational techniques and rewards plans. This report will argue that by incorporating a well-structured salary review program monitored by the use of Key Performance Indicators and goal setting, overseen by a Management by Objectives approach, as well as non-monetary based motivation and reward plans such as Google’s, would provide the best platform for managers and the business as a whole to take full advantage of its human capital and increase the productivity and levels of motivation among its staff (Rodgers, et al., 1992). Research would indicate…...

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