Grape Varieties from Portugal

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White Grape Varieties from Portugal
1. Alvarinho (fruity notes of citrus)
2. Arinto (good acidity)
3. Fernão Pires, also called Maria Gomes (floral aromas and citrus notes)
4. Avesso (full bodied)
5. Azal Branco (high acidity, citrus effects)
6. Malvasia Fina (full-bodied dry to sweet wines with ripe nutty tones)
7. Gouveio (medium-dry textures and pale apple overtones)
8. Esgana Cão (very acidic)
9. Antao Vaz (hints of ripe tropical fruits)
10. Bical (soft and aromatic, typically with aromas of peach and apricot)
11. Encruzado (delicate aromas of roses and violets, light citrus notes)
12. Fonte Cal (low in acidity)
13. Loureiro (refreshing, well-balanced acidity)
14. Moscatel Graudo (notes of orange zest, honey, spices, iodine, orange blossom and acacia)
15. Rabigato (bright, refreshing acidity)
16. Siria (aromatic, citrus and floral)
17. Trajadura (lower acidity and higher alcoholic strength)
18. Verdelho (high acidity)
19. Viosinho (full-bodied but fresh, fragrant, well-balanced wines)
20. Sercial (light, dry, acidic)

Red Grape Varieties from Portugal
1. Touriga nacional (concentrated with tannins, black fruit notes, sweetness and colour)
2. Alicante Bouschet (rustic)
3. Jaen (lively fruit flavour)
4. Periquita, also called Castelão and Trincadeira (tannic and fruity but softens well with age)
5. Tinta Miuda (tannic, rough and tart)
6. Aragonez, Tinta Rorizin northern Portugal (fruity wines with softer tannins and lower acidity)
7. Baga (high acidity and tannins as well as intense fruity colours and aromas)
8. Alfrocheiro Preto (velvety texture, intense spiciness)
10. Alvarelhão (very fruity, smooth, with little tannin)
11. Touriga Francesa (accents of floral and red fruit)
12. Tinta Barroca (soft touch of fragrance and cherry and plum overtones)
13. Tinta Cão (wildflower aromas and bilberry flavors)
14. Azal Tinto…...

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