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Terra Cycle Company
Chantal herd chapter 10 homework 1. What type of consumer product is Terra Cycle’s plant food: convenience, shopping, specialty, or unsought? Why?
The products that are manufactured by the Terra Cycle plant food manufactures for the customers can be categorized as the specialty product. Specialty products are commodities that are mostly bought by the customers from the shopping centers. Since the plant products manufactured by the Terra Cycle firm satisfy the desires and preferences of the customers, the products are usually intensively searched by the customers. The end products of the Terra Cycle are bought in bulk by the customers since the products are unique and effectively suite the consumers. The customers are also keen about any change that is made to the food products that are manufactured by the Terra Cycle. Any slight change that is made to the plant flood staff attracts the attention of the customers. This has made it almost impossible for the Terra Cycle to make any sudden changes to the food products produced by the firm.

2. Go to www. terracycle. net and look at the types of products the company sells. Describe their product mix. How wide is it? Which basic product lines does it sell? How long are they?
The TerraCycle manufactures various diverse products that are made readily available to the customers through distributing the products to the marketplaces. Since the company manufactures numerous products, it is better for the company to purchase all the related products together. This is very vital since it reduces the high charges that the company would incur if the manufactured products are manufactured and sold as a single unit. Purchasing of the products that are associated as a single unit is cheaper compared to purchasing the product one after the other.
Selling of the related products together reduces the money…...

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