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Capstone Project Abstract
Hand washing and hand hygiene are consider to be the number one, cheap essential measure of preventing and controlling spread of hospital acquired infections (HAIs). Hand washing and hygiene can significantly reduce the burden of disease, in particular in hospitalized patient Unfortunately compliance to hand hygiene recommended standard procedures by the health care workers (HCWs) has been unacceptably poor. In order to design education program, identification of several risk factors associated with poor hand hygiene (HH) compliance is of extreme importance. Objective: The purpose of this study is to implement a hand hygiene program for increase compliance with hand hygiene among health care worker in 97 beds hospital. The key target for compliance to HH is not only health-care workers but also policy-makers and organizational leaders and managers. Methods.: Compliance to hand hygiene will be evaluated through direct observation of HCWs ,to helps pinpoint areas of strength or weaknesses in HH behavior, so as to develop training program that will help HCWs to complaint with HH . Evaluation will be based on direct observation and survey audit, observing the HCWs during routine patient care to ensure that hands hygiene are performed before and after getting in contact with patient and patient environment. In addition, survey audit based on the HCWs perception, knowledge and attitude, including patient and family observation of HCWs about hand hygiene. Intervention will be education and training using visual poster, power point, base on feedback of the results, the program estimated to take six months. Conclusion: Regular cleansing of hands by HCWs reduces the risk of transmitting nosocomial pathogens between patients and thus reduce the risk of exogenously- acquired…...

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