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A Square with More than Four Unique Points

Society utilizes a certain area depending on elements such as architecture and its aesthetic qualities. Harvard Square, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is no different. Centrally located within Harvard University, it is evident the Square mimics the university’s attractive Georgian architecture. Other influential characteristics can be seen in the Square’s efforts for preservation, like Out of Town News, which gives the Square its own local character. These architectural qualities influence visitors’ behaviors to use the space to their own benefit through the use of impulse buying, triangulation, and different seating arrangements. Harvard Square not only provides a historic place for individuals to shop, dine and congregate, but also an opportunity to find their own center in a large, impersonal city.

Is it possible that a certain color of brick or position of wall can manipulate a person’s behavior? As strange as it sounds, this influence can be seen in an area situated in the middle of an Ivy League campus that contains several clothing stores, a large underground train station, and restaurants. This “heterogeneous” area, known as Harvard Square, despite its age, is still considered unique and upbeat place within a historic, elite university. Since the heart of the Square is shaped like a triangle, different parts of Cambridge touch this area. For example, on the side of Massachusetts Avenue are Harvard University and its historic Harvard Yard. On the other side, locals, visitors, and Harvard students enjoy shopping areas and restaurants. As for the middle of the Square, street vendors and visitors looking to relax tend to congregate near the Out of Town News building and the train station entrance. The aesthetic and influential qualities of the area come from the mimesis of the carefully designed Harvard…...

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