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Hcs/451 Week 2 Dq

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Week 2 DQ
Sharonda McLemore
December 5, 2012
University of Phoenix

Week 2 DQ
What are the concepts of quality management you have observed in your organization or previous organizations? Describe each I use to work for a company called Apria Healthcare. The company’s quality of care was based on patient safety and delivery of care. According to World Health Organization, Patient safety is a fundamental principle of health care. Every point in the process of care-giving contains a certain degree of inherent unsafely. This fundamental includes; avoiding medical errors, providing effective and efficient care, and reducing wait times. Delivery of care is a vital part of quality management. Delivery of care is the prevention, treatment, and management of illness for a patients’ well-being provided by health care professionals. Quality of care management basically provides a set of standards when providing care for a patient.
What common threads do you see between risk management and quality management? Risk management is a function of administration of any health care facility directed toward identification, evaluation, and correction of potential risks that could lead to injury to patients, staff members, or visitors and results in property loss of damage. Quality management is any evaluation of services provided and the results achieved as compared with accepted standards. Health care delivery, cost, and accessibility, and treatment are scored by quality management. The Joint Commission’s patient safety standards suggest a framework for overlapping risk and quality activities by requiring that, at least every 18 months, organizations select a high-risk process and conduct a proactive risk assessment of the process to correct process problems and prevent adverse events. The quality manager will be able to identify high-risk processes based on…...

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