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Dr. Yeh-Lane
Management of Sports Studies
Professional Interview
I chose my mother to perform the assigned interview with. She has worked for Wingate of Wilbraham for a long time now. It was a job she obtained after working for MassMutual. I chose to interview my mother because she has acquired tremendous experience from working within multiple settings in the health field. She provided vital information during the interview from her past experiences which will enable me to learn and grow from. I provided my mother with background information regarding the purpose of the interview assignment.
I began the interview by asking her how she came about her career in the healthcare field, she responded, “What got me started in this field is that I had prior experience at MassMutual Financial group overseeing a team of associates and reviewing their work loads and assignments. When I saw the opportunity to be a staffing coordinator, at Wingate of Wilbraham, it seemed to be a much less stressful job than the one at MassMutual. I never received a degree but the combination of college courses that I took which included pre-med, pre-nursing, counseling psychology and then business management and all the jobs I had within those related fields subsequently gave me a variety and a mix of experience and knowledge for my current position.” This really showed me how valuable work experience, coupled with academic experience, can be helpful when applying for jobs or deciding what type of jobs to apply for.
The interview discussion then moved onto the work environment she dealt with and her daily duties. I asked her about her previous working conditions as well and what skills were utilized and necessary in her field. She responded by stating, “My daily duties are to insure that a 24 hour nursing and rehabilitation facility is safely and adequately staffed for the…...

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