Healthcare Access Options

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Health Care Access Options

Health Care Access Options
There are many ways that health care is provided from walk-in clinics, urgent care, clinic in your local grocery store or drug store, and a no appointment physician's office. A walk-in clinic is a medical facility that provides medical treatment to the public that are common and non-life threatening without an appointment. These can include free clinics and urgent care centers. Sutter Express Care in Rite Aid pharmacy is a walk-in clinic that is in Northern California. SutterExpressCare uses Rite Aid for their marketing source.
Target Audience
The ExpressCare targets a large audience that consists of the Topeka and surrounding counties. This includes all ages from new born to seniors of all backgrounds and medical conditions. ExpressCare targets those that have a minor illness or injury that’s not severe enough to go to the emergency department. This provides an alternative option for those that have their own physician at a lower cost.
Marketing to Target Audience
With all the different and unique way of marketing ExpressCare uses several techniques to market on their website page. First they focus on possible issues or causes of why an individual would need their services by providing several lists that are located at the top of their webpage. The first list consist of common illnesses or injuries that are treated there. The second provides a list of common diagnostics that are used at the facility.
Another way ExpressCare markets is by having four locations with addresses, phone numbers and hours of operation for each facility. ExpressCare is also open during holidays and a list of hours are provided as well. After the listing of locations and hours that are pictures that are provided. The pictures are of the physicians, nursing staff, and lab technicians. Under each photo is a…...

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