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Riley Hospital for Children Indiana University Health

A. Impact on Growth
Riley Hospital for Children at I.U. Health in Indianapolis, Indiana was one of the first in the country to offer services centered on patient-and-family care. Riley Hospital believes that family involvement increases the healing in a child. In order for Riley to continue to carry out their mission of family involvement depends on future growth. An expansion was an urgent need as Riley was operating at maximum capacity; the addition of facilities depended on many economic situations such as support from donors, partners, and the community.

In 2005, Riley Hospital for Children announced their plan to add a new 10-story building that will allow them to accept 300 additional inpatients upon completion. (Riley Hospital for Children – Indiana University Health [RHCIUH], 2012) In 2006, construction began on the $475 million project. In 2007, the Simon family gave a gift of $40 million toward completion of the project. In 2009, economic conditions caused delay in construction; once recovered construction begin again in 2010. (RHCIUH, 2012) Riley Hospital for Children respectfully named the building The Simon Family Tower after the Simon family and opened their first phase, which consisted of three floors in 2011. All rooms are private to help reduce infection and they include a family section for the comfort of patients and family to empower the family members to be active in the treatment and recovery process of the patient. (RHCIUH, 2012) This well thought out facility will help draw more Indiana parents to choose Riley for their child’s healthcare facility, which in return will insure a bright future for Riley Hospital.

B. Comparison Riley Children’s Hospital is able to carry out their vision of excellence inpatient and family centered…...

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