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This paper discusses Louisiana Purchase, and how the territory was acquired. It discusses who we acquired the territory from, and the events that took place in order to acquire it. It discusses the short term impacts and consequences the Louisiana Purchase had on our country. Finally it discusses the long term impacts and consequences the Louisiana Purchase had on our country.

Louisiana Purchase: 1803
The Louisiana Purchase was the process and agreement in which the United States acquired territory by purchasing said territory from Napoleon of France. Thomas Jefferson was the President of The United States of America at the time of the purchase, and Jefferson is the President who closed and signed the deal. Napoleon, the ruler of France, had offered to sell the territory of Louisiana to the United States for $15 million. This vast territory extended westward from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains and southward from the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico and the Spanish lands of what is now Texas and New Mexico. (Patrick, 2003) Jefferson wanted to buy Louisiana, but he was reluctant to stretch too far the constitutional powers of the federal government. Jefferson believed that the powers of the federal government should be limited precisely to those explicitly granted in the Constitution. (Patrick, 2003)
Patrick, J (2003) stated:
According to his strict constructionist interpretation of the Constitution, the President could not buy Louisiana because no part of the supreme law, the Constitution, granted this power to the government. Despite his reservations about the constitutionality of purchasing Louisiana, Jefferson decided to do it, the Senate ratified the decision, and Congress appropriated the money to carry out the decision. The President justified his decision with…...

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