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Most of business is depend on sale costly items to purchase, prepare and sell, and strategy control is essential to profitability. The number of management task may be entrusted to the head chef, or the bar and restaurant managers. Other wise will give to a Food and Beverage Manager to control and in charge. (Food & Beverage Manager 2012) In company, different department have individual managers, they are in charge own department running, while it will be helping business sustainable and normative developing in the future.
This report is discussion about the how to successful ruing a club. It is describe the club doing business in normal days. In this situation, the club opening hours is start afternoon until morning every day. So food and beverage manager will make a budget sheet for every week on Monday. Then different department manager will follow this budget sheet starting purchase; also staff will receive inspection and check in all of drink. Next step is report those information for storage manager, who will in-coming inspection and purchase journal. In the receiving step it will be most important goods quality and quantity. Because each step is link, if someone make a mistake in each step will be change the result about the food and beverage. In the receiving step will need two people check purchase drinks. It will be decreasing the percentages make a mistake. Receiving principal send the right information to storage manager and sign the name of purchase report.
Storage principal will put those drinks in warehouse as prescribed. Most time, stock manager order the soft drink quantity can spend one month, because soft drink can sell individual or with other spirits. However, have a special situation is soft drink past due day. Because when the manager orders the kinds of soft drink, however customers will choose one or two kinds of soft…...

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