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St. Catherine Specialty Hospital
Designing the Future of IP-based Healthcare Data Networks

_________________ Project Charter Document with Scope

Table of Contents

A. General Project Information Page 3.
B. Project Objectives
-Project Mission Statement
-Business Case
-Problem Statement
-Goal Statement
-Definition of Terms Target Project Goals Page 4. Acceptance to Terms of Deliverables Key Project Directives Page 5.
C. Project Assumptions Page 6. Telecommunication Location Specification Page 8. Telecommunication Room Specifications Telecommunication Power Requirements Additional Network Requirements Page 9. Project Deliverables Page 12.
D. Project Scope Page 14. ScopeAgenda Fulfilling IP Convergence Requirements Network Verification Requirements Page 16. Work Area Designations Infectious Control Requirements Page 17. Cable Run Specifications Page 18. Scope Exclusions Page 20.
E. Project Milestones Page 21.
F. Impact Statement Page 22.
G. Roles & Responsibilities Page 23.
H. Resources Page 24.
I. Project Risks Page 25.
J. Success Measurements Page 26.
K. Project Participant Signatures Page 27.

A. - General Information

Project Title: | St. Catherine Specialty Hospital - Network and Data Infrastructure | Brief Project Description: | New hospital with specialty services offered to the community | Prepared By: | Infinite Solutions, Inc.; Lathrop, California | Date: | October 24, 2012 | Version: | 1.0 |

B. - Project Objective Project Mission Statement * To provide St. Catherine’s Hospital with a network that fulfills required advanced network requirements to best serve their clients, patients and employees with…...

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