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How Do You Spend?

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November 24th, 2015

How Do You Spend? I’ve noticed that over the years, I don’t like parting with my money. When I’m out shopping, I look for the best possible price in a product. Once I find it, I still consider deeply if I really need the product or not. If it’s something I don’t think I’ll need, I’ll wait til the next day to see if it would have been an impulsive buy or something that can be of value to me. If it is something I buy right away, it would be that the deal is too great to pass up or it’s something I need without question. Even then, when I check out, I hate to see my money leave my account. It feels as if I stress a little about every transaction. Spending my money builds an emotional pain of deciding if what I bought would benefit me or not, but the only way to find that out is to buy the product and use it. My girlfriend on the other hand is the exact opposite. Almost anything she see’s that is of interest of her, she’ll buy it. She doesn’t buy everything she wants, but she’ll be more than likely to buy it right now then wait like me. When she see’s the deals, my guess is that she thinks she’s saving money on that product rather than buying it full price or there won’t be another deal like it. If it’s Black Friday, I would understand more but because she might not be thinking through if she really needs the product or not, she only sees the great deals/savings. Even if there’s no discount on the product, if she likes it she’ll buy it. I think she buys it to fill her desires of having what she wants and that it creates happiness for her. She enjoys knowing that she’s saving money and simply getting whatever she wants without the worry about money. In conclusion, I understand from both ends. At times I do impulsively buy products and not give about how much it cost or would it benefit me. I think it’s healthy to…...

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