How Ericsson Benefitted from Amazon Web Services

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Case Study 1: Big Data and Volvo Corporation

Mary Gierszewski

CIS 500 – Information Systems for Decision Making

Fall Quarter 2012

Strayer University

Instructor: Dr. James Francisco

October 28, 2012

Volvo Corporation is an automobile company that uses IT resources to help give it an

advantage over its competitors. This paper will discuss how Volvo Corporation integrated the

cloud infrastructure into its networks. It will explain how Volvo Corporation transforms its data

into knowledge. The paper will also discuss the real-time information systems that they

implemented and how these implementations impact the company. Finally, it will discuss how

the Big Data strategy gives them a competitive advantage.

“An opportunity to launch a new marketing campaign presented itself with the release of

the popular Twilight series of books and subsequent movies, which featured Volvo cars.” When

the movies came out, they drove more traffic to the Volvo website than the site could handle.

The website had outages and slow performance due to the increase of traffic to their website.

Volvo Corporation turned to Microsoft Gold Certified Partner LBi to help them make on online

game and to help them deal with the issues that they experienced during the release of the first

few movies and books. (Volvo Cars Volvo Unleashes Creativity, 2011, para.3 & 5)

“Building such an infrastructure was not beyond the technical expertise of either Volvo

or LBi; however, to do so would be cost-prohibitive.” Volvo Corporation needed a system that

was cost effective and one that was able to handle an enormous amount of traffic to their

website. This is where Volvo Corporation decided to implement using a cloud based system.

(Volvo Cars Volvo Unleashes Creativity, 2011,…...

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