How to Get over a Break-Up in a Healthy Way

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How to get Over a Break-up in a Healthy Way
Break-ups are one of the most difficult phases of life. It is tough, but accepting the end and moving on is even tougher. It is easy to get into self-destructive behavior due to the extreme feeling of loss. The hurt is inevitable, but so is the recovery. It can seem overwhelming at first, but taking it a step at a time, a day at a time, will make it easier to move on into a happier world. Breaking up is like trying to recover from an addiction, or breaking a habit. Even when a relationship has ended, the connection that was shared between two people is not easily erased from the mind or body. Breaking the "ex habit" requires self-control and self-compassion.
First, accept that it is over and take the time to grieve. It is okay to cry. Crying is cathartic and relieves pain. Show self-compassion. Understand that there are unplanned events in life that are painful, but that people get through events with resilience and help from others.
Second, end all contact. Just like there were steps of courtship, there are steps to wean off from a relationship. Delete numbers from phones and delete their account off Facebook and other social networks. Being friends with an ex and knowing about their life will only hurt more because of the constant reminder of the current status: No longer together.
Third, put away all reminders of an ex. Delete emails, photos, or stash them away where it cannot be seen. Looking at photos and reminiscing of the past will not help with moving forward in life without that person. Being constantly reminded of the past delays the road to recovery.
Then, enlist some support from loved ones. Recovering from a painful event will be easier with help. Call friends or family members to talk or ask for advice whom had prior experience with difficult breakups. Get together with friends; hardship does not have…...

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