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How to Handle a Difficult Client

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How to Handle a Difficult Client
Fundamentals of Organizational Communication
Instructor: Len Sholtis
March 16, 2012

Difficult customers come in a wide variety. There are those whose personality rubs you the wrong way. They may not be difficult for others, but they are for you. And then there are those who are difficult for everyone: picky people, know-it-alls, egocentrics, fault-finders, constant complainers, etc.
Difficult customers deserve to be respected; however, they too must provide respect in return to the companies and /or individuals they are working with. Behavior of difficult customers can have a negative effect on a business. Their behavior can be the reason why customers stop patronizing a business. In this paper you will read how difficult people can be and how to handle difficult customers, without shouting or even getting upset. There are four steps that will be discussed on how to handle difficult customers in public places. The four steps are listening, identifying the problem, avoiding blame, and resolving the problem (Kahle 2002). Overview of the Organization and Case Study
The organization that will be examined for this case study is Angels of Beauty Hair Salon. The mission of Angels of Beauty Hair Salon is to enhance a person’s beauty, both physically and spiritually to ensure he or she is confident and has beautiful, healthy hair.
The owner of Angels of Beauty has been a hair stylist for over 15 years and has always done her best to be on time with her customers. She has posted in her salon signs notifying customers of the rules of the salon. One of those rules indicates that when a customer is 15 or more minutes late they will be worked in between the customers who were on time and will be charged an additional $10.

Identify and Describe the Situation or Problem
In this particular case when a client…...

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