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How to Master a New Skill

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Mallory, Shannon
HBR Assignment #4
BA 250

HBR Review #4 – How to Master a New Skill This was a fantastic article on self-management written by Amy Gallo. She is absolutely correct when she says that "In a fast-moving, competitive world, being able to learn new skills is one of the keys to success. It's not enough to be smart — you need to always be getting smarter." With modern time’s rapidly changing technology, it isn’t enough anymore to just be smart, you have to keep up with the changes and advancements or you’ll be left behind. Ms. Gallo made several excellent points in her article, and I completely agree with her. Checking to see if you’re ready to work on a new skill is very important. This new skill must be attainable by you, and you must have the time and resources to commit. Not everyone has the time and skill required for an advanced degree or specialization. Picking a new skill relevant to your current career is also excellent advice. People are unlikely to get extra compensation or support from their superiors for skills unnecessary for their position. Knowing how you learn the best is also very important. Some people are visual, and others are hands-on learners. One of the most important points in Ms. Gallo’s article is to work with a mentor. Working with someone who already possesses the skills you seek to attain and can give you detailed and honest feedback is invaluable. Also, starting small and focusing on one or two small skills at a time can build confidence in one’s self and give the encouragement needed to work on more and bigger skills. Finally, Ms. Gallo states to share what you have learned by talking with others that can provide support and encouragement, and to be patient. Change and acquiring new skills doesn’t happen overnight. In time you will develop your new skills and those around you…...

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