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How to Organize Use Case Report

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Failure to follow this structure will cause an “F” in your project.

Cover Page: You must include course number (CITM430), semester (Fall 2012), your group number and all your group members’ names on the cover page.

Project Title

Table of Content

1. Introduction of the System
Besides what you have done in part 1, this section should also include an introduction of the system and the business rules for the system.

If you did not do well in the context diagram in part 1, redo it. Also, all groups should have discussions on the context diagram you have created.

2. Business rules

3. Use case diagram
This is the blueprint for the system’s functions.

4. Details of use cases a. Use Case 1 i. Use case model (fully developed use case description) for use case 1
Note: use template on Page 67 but use two-column format (refer to ITM305 textbook) to finish the section of “main success scenario”. ii. Activity diagram for use case 1 iii. System sequence diagram for use case 1
(Check page 6 of the document “9. Chapters18_19 Design Examples (Junlian).pptx” to see if you have neat SSDs as the example shown there.) iv. Sequence diagrams for use case 1 a) Sequence diagram 1.1 for the 1st system operation in this use case, and discussions on the responsibilities (you can create a table like the one on Page 44 of the document “6. Chapters12_17_Five Patterns (Junlian).pptx”). b) Sequence diagram 1.2 for the 2nd system operation in this use case, and discussions on the responsibilities. c) …

b. Use Case 2 v. Use case model (fully developed use case description) for use case 2 vi. Activity diagram for use case 2 vii. System sequence diagram for use case 2 viii. Sequence diagrams for use case 2 d) Sequence…...

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