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Can you think of someone who became the richest individual in the world starting his Business from zero before the age of 45? He was born on 28th October 1955 in Seattle, Washington D.C.
Name of this person is “William Henry Bill Gates ІІІ”
The only son of William H. Gates II, Bill Gates the Third lived the life of any other normal Seattle boy. His mother, Mary Gates, was a strong advocate. She was a schoolteacher, served on the board of regents at the University of Washington, as well as serving as chairwoman of the United Way International. Young Bill attended a public elementary school and shortly thereafter found his passion for computer programming at the age of thirteen. Unbeknownst to his lawyer father and schoolteacher mother, their son was destined to become one most significant force behind the growth of person computing and the software industry as a whole. Education Early on his life, it was apparent that Bill Gates inherited the ambition, intelligence, and competitive spirit that had helped his forefathers rise to the top in their chosen professions. In elementary school he quickly surpassed all of his peer’s abilities in nearly all subjects, especially math and science. His parents recognized is intelligence and decided to enroll him in lakeside, private school known for its intense academic environment. This decision had far reaching effects on Bill Gates life. For at Lakeside, Bill Gates was first introduced to computers.
At this time, computers were still too large and costly for the school to purchase its own. Bill Gates, Paul Allen, and a few other Lakeside students (many of whom were the first Programmers hired at Microsoft) immediately became inseparable from the computer. They would stay in the computer room all day and night, writing program’s reading Computer literature and everything else they could do to…...

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