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Kids R Kids is in desperate need to revamp their hiring process. They are trying to decrease the turnover rate and retain more of their qualified candidates. In order for them to do that we will discuss what the right recruitment plan is and how important it is to have one. We will also discuss briefly on ensuring a candidate will fit in with the cultural fit of the organization. We will also develop an interviewing process that will discuss what a job analysis, a job description and the right fit for an organization is. Lastly, we will note the importance of a competency – based interview.
Developing the right recruitment plan is vital to the success of any organization. When developing a recruitment plan it is important to determine the future human resources needs of the organization. Once this has been determined then the recruitment plan should include the number of position, a job description and a work force analysis. The plan should also include time estimates for recruiting, cost for recruiting such as travel expenses for the recruiter, marketing or job advertising, recruitment agency fees, testing and overhead. The final phase in the recruitment plan is to determine how we want the company to be viewed and what the company has to offer. We will need to determine if we are an eco-friendly company, what benefits we offer employees as well as compensation. As a company we need to be attractive to the candidates. We have to make them feel as if our company is the best place in the world to work for. Our company will be flexible in our recruitment efforts by exploring different avenues and getting rid of the ones that are not yielding the results that we want. To do this we must know the difference between proactive and reactive recruitment.
Proactive recruitment happens when a company aggressively looks for applicants. Companies will use different sources…...

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