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Hrm 530 Assignment 3

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Employment Laws and HRM Strategy
For Dr. Geri Puleo

November 14, 2012

Employment Laws and HRM Strategy


The Scenario that I chose was: “Introduction of new technology for employees who may experience physical limitations.” The employment law that corresponded with this scenario was ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act. The Americans with Disabilities Act “Provides Protection for individuals with physical and mental disabilities” (Stewart, 2010). Some of the physical disabilities that would fall under this act would be the loss of an arm or leg, or a chronic illness such as cancer or diabetes. A few mental disabilities that would fall under this act would be learning disorders, depression or phobias. It is important that employers provide their employees with the accommodations that are needed to perform their essential job functions. This paper will outline some of the important factors that come along with being ADA compliant such as, the laws in my particular state (Maryland) and how they relate to the scenario, my recommended plan to manage the scenario, justifying my approach on managing the scenario, competitive advantages that may be gained by ensuring HRM practices as well as what might happen if the law is not followed accordingly.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (when it comes to employment) ensures that all employees that are experiencing any type of physical or mental disability are being treated fairly and accommodated for their disability under reasonable accommodation. Reasonable accommodation means “an alteration of the work environment that enables a qualified individual with a disability to perform essential tasks” (Stewart, 2010). Employers may have to make certain adjustments for their employees in order to be in accordance with the act under reasonable accommodation. Such changes…...

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