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HSM 220 WEEK 2

Environmental Factors

The environment has a great impact on every individual and its influence on every person reflects on how he or she lives her way of life. Most of the times, the environment is the one where most people learn lot of things which a person does not learn or cultivate inside his or her home. If the environment is well-managed and well-cared, everything will be very much in order and organized. If an individual joins a group or organization, that is when things become related to one another, one learning to the other and then shared within the group. If the environment already gave a great start up with these individuals that comprise a group, a vision of a successful organization can be achieved.
The four external environmental factors that help the human service organization successful and achieve optimal function are the following:
Government: The assistance of government to human service organizations plays a vital role to a continuous support and function of the organization.
Economy: This is the describing factor when and how funds are to be distributed and how much are to be given away to assist people in dire needs.
Technology: The modern technologies make life simpler. If the technologies and machines needed by the human service organizations are present, a more efficient service will be granted to those who need the service.
Businesses: Usually successful businesses caused by good economy give donations to the human service organizations that help the building of funds for more effective terms of rendering service.
The six internal environmental factors that help the human service organization successful and achieve optimal function are the management, staff, funds, equipment/supplies, facilities, and right knowledge and understanding about human services. I believe, in my own…...

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