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Htc No Me-Too Products, Why Not?

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No Me-Too Products?
Why Not Me-Too Products!

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Peter Chou
HTC Corporation

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No.670,Guoshun Lu

October 8, 2012

No Me-Too Products?
Why Not Me-Too Products!
Executive Summary

To stay competitive in an ever-evolving landscape and in response to the emerging trend of mobile computing a decade later, HTC should introduce “me-too products” and join the tablet PC bandwagon.

My research shows that HTC is likely to remain the major player in smartphone and tablet PC manufacturing if it follow suit. First, tablet PC category is fairly new, HTC does not necessarily need to sustain this “no-me-too” rule as long as its product concepts are no less innovative than the current offerings by competitors. Second, the 3G smartphone market is far from saturated. With HTC’s brand and R&D ability, HTC can vastly improve its market share. Third, Good artists borrow great artists steal--Pablo Picasso

To implement and maximize the Me-Too Products strategy, my recommendations are as following:

1. Ensure the originality and creativity of “Me-to Products” • “Learn” from Samsung and “Steal” from Apple • Not necessarily price war involved, stay cool and stay stylish • Disruptive innovation—develop “Textbook” for students and “Solus” for the senior citizens. • Stick to Google Android system

2. Remain the pioneer of mobile computing a decade later • Keep the R&D intensity over 8 • Cooperate with both Google and Microsoft to develop products with Android and Windows systems at a ration of 2:1.

3. Transit from 3G to 4G • Develop the under-developed market, China and India, • Co-brand with China Mobile with a current 500 million subscribers • Emphasize “Quietly Brilliant” in East Asian countries…...

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