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Human Resource Policy of Public Banks

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Overall Human Resources Management (HRM) scenario in the local public banks of Bangladesh and probable Recommendation

Bangladesh is a developing country and from the date of birth, it is having financially strong state owned banks / public banks. But these banks are not updating themselves as time passes and for that reason the present human resources of these banks are becoming obsolete in comparison with modern days banking concept. Most of the senior bankers of these banks are not technology oriented persons and they do have lacking of having modern banking concepts as well. From my professional banking experience, I have found some problems -
Lack of coordination was there between several departments and lack of professionalism was there as well. Besides, all the employees are not professionally trained enough in the computer literacy part. For that reason, the EOP (Expected Organizational Performance) is always much below than the AOP (Actual Organizational Performance). So, the triggering effect always indicates to provide training upon basic computer literacy to each and every individual worker of the whole bank. Moreover, the modern HR practice is absent in the bank and the total HRM working is very much centralized in the head office.
Problems of Human Resources Management in the local public banks of Bangladesh in bullet form: • Competency level of the employee of these banks is poor than of some competent banks. • Organizational culture is not highly developed to cope with the changing environment and to face the new challenges. • Job rotation policy is not being followed properly in the branch level. • Transfer policy is not fair. • Organizational behavior is not satisfactory. • Recruitment policy especially in the lower level is not fairly maintained. • Promotional policy of the bank is not meeting the present strategies of…...

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