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In this society, people are not always capable in meeting their own needs due to many factors such as poverty, lack of education, disabilities and many more. Human services workers are people who target individuals , group, communities that requires help with improving their way of living, with decision making, with work, staying sober and or starting fresh in their new lives.
When working in this field you meet clients with different needs, different necessities, different races in different culture. Each individual faces different problems, it can range from people who is suffering from a mental disability, physical disability, verbally abused, physical issues, alcohol abused, drug abused, depression, addiction, people who are victims of rape, who are traumatized or people who needs help in coping. In this profession you can meet a lot of families with different kind of issues too, it can also range from communication issues, divorce, grief, parenting, suicide, and many more. When a helper is involved with a client, the first thing the helper needs to do is to listen carefully to what the client is saying. And when you're already at it the second thing you need to do is to gain their trust and make them feel that you are reliable and they can trust you with their private issues and they will know that you can help them in solving their problem, exchange messages or ideas to understand each other's perception, communication is the key to success so try to make a connection with them, make them feel that you are listening and you are there for them through these times of difficulties in their life. In this field, one important skill that the helper must possess is knowing how to define problem. In order to do this the helper must assess each client through observing clients environment, ask questions so that the helper will have an idea about the client and it will guide them through the helping process. This process is vital as some clients does not recognize the existence of a problem. Once this is verified the helper then identifies a course of action leading to a resolution of the clients problem. As a human services worker our goal is to help all clients to meet their needs and of course they don't only get help from us, we also work with a variety of other professional who are trained and who also have experience; psychologist, counselor, therapist, social worker, case manager, physicians, psychiatrist, rehab counselor, mental health counselor and many more. helps them as well. There are also non professional individual who also provide basic help in doing this job ; the community caretaker, self help group, and the volunteers. In this field of work it is very important to be patient, flexible and to be understanding. It is also important for a person working in this field to be true and honest with themselves about these particular traits because they can ultimately determine the success of your career Everyone faces different kind of problems in their life. It is normal for humans to experience this, it can either be an easy problem or a hard one, a short term or a long lasting one. There are different kinds of problem that each individual go through, one is the situational perspective. these problem are results from an accident, violent crimes, natural disasters, divorce, or any big changes in life. And for the clients, for them to be able to move on, we the helper steps in by understanding the reality of the situation with a solution or giving them other possible ways of fixing the problem.…...

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