Hyundai Genesis in Germany

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BUSI 0022 International Marketing
Group Paper 2
Hyundai Genesis in Germany Name | UID | BUECHI, Mathis | 2009583263 | KIM, Hojung | 2010555716 | KIM, Mi Song Grace | 2010538603 | MA, Michael | 2010576617 | MCGUIRE, Taylor | 2011973367 | SUNDERRAMAN, Shravan | 2009553945 |

Table of Contents
1. Introduction…………….………………………………………..1
2. Germany………………………………………...……………….1
‐ Target Customers Segmentation
‐ Vignette of the Target Market [Germany]
3. Hyundai Genesis in Germany………………………..…………3
‐ Global Market Entry Strategy
‐ Product Characteristics
Relative Advantage
‐ 2 Important Pricing Objectives & Strategies Pricing Objectives & Strategy 1 Pricing Objectives & Strategy 2
‐ Channel Structures
Key Functions of Each Channel
Potential Conflicts
Suggested Preventions & Solutions
‐ 3 Promotional Elements
Promotional Element 1: Advertising
Promotional Element 2: Public Relations
Promotional Element 3: Product Placement
‐ Radio/ TV Commercial for the Product
Advertising Objectives
Advertising Appeals
One Planned Commercial for Genesis in Germany
‐ Contrast Marketing Strategies to Those in the Home Market [South Korea]
4. Conclusion ………………………………………………………9
5. References...…………………………………………..…….....10

Planning to enter a foreign market is not a task that can be taken lightly. Before any serious considerations can be made, thorough research must be done to understand all factors involved. Demographics, consumer buying behavior, economic conditions and infrastructure are just some of the areas that must be analyzed to get a full understanding of the foreign…...

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...Hyundai Hyundai is the South Korean automaker for excellence, whose name translated into English means "modernity”. The Hyundai cars are simple, resilient and known for their low cost. Created in the middle of the country’s recovery after the Korean War, Hyundai received help from Ford, which through its subsidiaries in the UK, helped to set up its manufacturing plant. The brand was born in 1947 by Chung Ju-yung, Son of North Korean peasant farmers; dominant figure in the Korean economy from 1960 until his death in 2001. Hyundai built its first car in 1968, the “Cortina”, a compact sedan under Ford license. In 1975, Hyundai made its first own model, the Pony, in collaboration with Mitsubishi and the firm “Italdesign” of Turin. Currently, Hyundai has one of the most respected research and development centers of the industry. In 1997, South Korea suffered of a serious financial crisis which also affected the automotive industry involving the Daewoo’s bankrupt (now part of General Motors). Hyundai overcame the crisis, but it was forced to divide its many operations (construction, banking, petrochemicals, logistics, shipbuilding, etc...) into 5 separate companies. One of these, the most internationally known, is the Hyundai Motor Group which now includes the brand Kia. The company has been one of the most influential industrial conglomerates in South Korea's economy. And currently, it’s the second-largest chaebol behind Samsung. The 6 major group companies are: •......

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