I Lost My Mother to Cancer

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They say your mother is your first best friend. She is the one who patches up all your ouches, she the one who rocks you to sleep as a baby, and she is the one who eases your heartbreak and heartaches as a teenager. She is supposed to help you plan your wedding and coach you in the ins and outs of being a first time mother. In a sense, your mother is the best support and biggest part of your life.
I really don’t have a memory of my mother, I can’t even remember what her voice sounds like. All I have is a couple of pictures and other people’s memories of what my mother was like. I lost my mother at five months old to the most horrible, hopeless and heartbreaking disease called cancer. My mother was diagnosed with liver cancer that spread to her colon at the age of twenty-eight, while she was pregnant with me. I was born two month premature and weighed three and a half pounds, the hospital finally released me after one month to my grandma. My mother was over joyed that she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Five months after I was born and brought home my mother passed away in our house with a room full of my family member. My mother left a notarized letter to my grandma stating she was going to raise me and have custody over me.
At first when I was growing up I didn’t understand why my mother wasn’t with me, I remember at the age of nine or ten dreaming my mother was coming home and everything being so different. One day after school I was about twelve years old, I got off the bus and my heart was pounding in my chest, my eyes were feeling up with tears, an inexplicable feeling that I was abandoned came a pound me. As tears starting running down my face, I ran to my grandma and ask where my mother is, why isn’t she here with us and why doesn’t she love me. My grandma hugged me and said “Your mother loves you more than anything in the world, she is not with us…...

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