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IDIOMS:- Arranged Marriage
Pendahuluan (just pilih satu je sebab paling banyak letak 2 perfect dah) 1. A hot potato – hangat dibicarakan, popular. (The topic discussed is a hot potato as it happens quite a number recently) 2. At the drop of a hat – semestinya, of course! (This statement is supported and accepted by public at the drop of a hat because of its relevancy) > kalau you sokong 3. Barking up the wrong tree – menyalahkan orang/situasi yang tidak sepatutnya. (Sensitive and sensational topic as it is, a person should not just jump into their own opinion without considering all the point of view as they could barking up the wrong tree) 4. Give the benefit without the doubt – percaya bulat-bulat, main ikut je. (Before anyone jump into their own conclusion and judgements, we surely should not give the benefit without the doubt) 5. Once in a blue moon – jarang-jarang. (At some’s awareness, arranged marriage is something that happens once in a blue moon, but believe it or not, it has quite a number recently)
Penutup (just pilih satu je sebab paling banyak letak 2 perfect dah) 1. Take with a grain of salt – tak ambik serious kata orang. (Despite what comments people had on arranged marriage, everyone had their own two cents (ni pun idioms gak tapi sokay macam simpulan bahasa je bukan peribahasa) and are freely to support or oppose the practice. Therefore, people should not take with a grain of salt if someone are against their side) 2. Let it ride – biarlah dia dalam keadaan macamtu. (Despite what comments people are throwing on arranged marriage, everyone had their own two cents and are free to support or oppose the practice. Therefore, we should just let it ride as they are no strict regulations on the topic that people had to…...

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