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Abstract—This electronic document is a “live” template. The various components of your paper [title, text, heads, etc.] are already defined on the style sheet, as illustrated by the portions given in this document. DO NOT USE SPECIAL CHARACTERS, SYMBOLS, OR MATH IN YOUR TITLE OR ABSTRACT. (Abstract)

Index Terms—Component, formatting, style, styling, insert. (key words)

Introduction (Heading 1)

All manuscripts must be in English. These guidelines include complete descriptions of the fonts, spacing, and related information for producing your proceedings manuscripts. Please follow them and if you have any questions, direct them to the production editor in charge of your proceedings (see author-kit message for contact info).
This template provides authors with most of the formatting specifications needed for preparing electronic versions of their papers. All standard paper components have been specified for three reasons: (1) ease of use when formatting individual papers, (2) automatic compliance to electronic requirements that facilitate the concurrent or later production of electronic products, and (3) conformity of style throughout a conference proceedings. Margins, column widths, line spacing, and type styles are built-in; examples of the type styles are provided throughout this document and are identified in italic type, within…...

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