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Image Analysis Essay on the Torture of a Prisoner by U.S Army Officers

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Gerson Lopez 4/20/13
Purvis English Image Analysis Essay on the torture of a prisoner by U.S army officers
The picture shows two U.S army officers pointing a rifle at a man who appears to be, based on his complexion, Middle Eastern, perhaps Iraqi or Afghani. That prisoner has blood all over his chest, so the viewer can infer that before they pointed at him and shot him with a rifle, they took off his shirt. The viewer could also infer that the U.S Army officers kicked and punched him. It is quite possible that he was bitten by a dog. However, the prisoner is still standing despite all the torture that he has gone through. From all the blood on his chest and the fact that his shirt that has been taken off, the viewer can see that he has been mistreated and been beaten to a mess. The image shows that torturing prisoners as part of war is immoral. The image of Blood pouring outside a man’s body or mutilation of blood is an example or another part of torture because it evokes fear. One can see that there is blood on his chest, pouring down on his stomach and onto to his pants. Some pieces of the shirt are cut-off and he probably did not take off his own shirt; it was probably forcibly taken off by the U.S Army soldiers. The blood trickling down his body indicates that damage has been done to his head, probably by being kicked on punched and beaten on the head. He has sustained physical damage, and the injuries imply to the reader that the treatment the prisoner received was brutal. What makes the torture depicted immoral and intimidating is that it comes from soldiers who have emotionless presence in how they carry themselves; they seem unfazed by the torture that they do. Personality plays an important role in torture and its psychological effects on a person. The soldiers have big jackets and have big helmets. Both of the soldiers have gloves on. One of the soldiers has a protective mask on and has a visible backpack. The two soldiers look very serious and threatening, with mean looks. The soldiers are not even looking at his head. They are looking straight down at him and one soldier is holding a rifle and aiming to shoot at him. The soldiers demonstrate that they lack remorse. The Torture appears to have affected the soldiers too; they demonstrate that they have been dehumanized. The setting of the photo, which is a dark, abandoned, desolate, run down and burned out house, plays an important role in torture because when somebody is tortured in these places, he/she feels abandoned and feels that nobody is around to help. Encouraging feelings of loneliness and helplessness is part of torture. When somebody is isolated from his home city and tortured in an unknown world or country, then that setting adds to the psychological torture the person feels. It’s not like the helpless Iraqi or Afghan is being tortured in a nice prison. He is being jailed, probably, in a nice prison facility but he is being tortured in an abandoned, run down, and burned house. As seen in the picture, the man was placed in a house with decomposed or poorly maintained brick walls. He was placed against a white refrigerator that is dirty, old, and unclean. The roof was of bad quality, cheap and damaged. The floor was probably also of poor quality, torn and poorly taken care of. Torture would usually be done in places where their infrastructure is poorly maintained, furniture and appliances are poorly organized, and structures are poorly built. The witnesses can infer he has been tortured because the act did not take place in a hospital where he would be treated for a wound. Rather, the wound is being inflicted on him as punishment. There are alternative means other than torture in order to get information from prisoners of war. Torturing prisoners is not the right thing to do and it is not justified. It is not morally and ethically correct to torture a war prisoner in order to get information from that prisoner. For example, it would be better for U.S Army soldiers to trick war prisoners into giving them information by psychologically manipulating them via questioning instead of using violent means of coercion.…...

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