Imc and Customer Satisfaction

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IMC and Customer Satisfaction

The purpose of this paper is to expand on our previous business plan and marketing strategies for our hypothetical business venture. In this paper, I will provide a comprehensive examination of the goals and objectives of our marketing plan and discuss how the performance of the marketing plan can be measured. In addition, this assessment will discuss how additional promotional strategies such as “word of mouth” and automated messaging can benefit the company. This paper will compare several non-traditional promotional techniques and compare them with some conventional marketing strategies to evaluate their potential strengths and weaknesses. This examination will also discuss how to handle potential problems that may arise due to miscommunication and fluctuating customer expectations of our products and services. Our final marketing plan will incorporate all of these factors, which will help us create policies and procedures that will help the firm avoid potential conflict with customers and maximize growth and revenues. As discussed in our previous papers, we are assuming that we are operating a tutoring company in which we send our tutors to our clients’ homes to help them prepare for a variety of academic related examinations. Our professionally trained tutors work closely with our clients and their families to help them with organization, test preparation, and general study skill techniques. The product that we are selling is our time that we spend with our clients at their homes or in a library and the time that it takes us to drive to meet with our clients. Therefore, it is imperative that we spend our time extremely efficiently in order to maximize our profits for each day.
One of our marketing strategies is to keep ongoing and frequent communication with our current and potential clients through lots…...

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