Improving Inner-Department Communication

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Improving Inner-Department Communication
To Enhance Employee Engagement & Increase Job Satisfaction

Professor Michael McCarthy
Final Project
December 2, 2012

Over the course of 10 years ##### has provided third party billing for fleet and insurance companies on all tow, roadside and glass services. When an insured or driver calls the 1-800 numbers on the back of the insurance card, they are redirected to our call center for further assistance. At this point our CSR’s (call center representatives) locate the nearest vendor to assist in whatever the distress call may be to get them back on the road and mobile selecting the vendor based on pricing and ETA (estimated time of arrival). Our CSR’s are trained to use Google maps for roadside claims to locate the nearest vendor with the fastest estimated arrival time (ETA) as well as call local vendors with the best appointment time if instead the call was regarding a glass claim.
The original location of ###### had two separate units in a strip mall with one being dedicated to the admin office and the other to the call center. This separation provided the lack of communication between departments which has now trickled over to the new location where we are all in the same suite. Many call center reps feel the admin team is a relaxed setting with less management and no one to regulate their daily task. The admin team, on the other hand, see the call center as being inconsistent with call dictations which causes many issues for billing and vendor calls when the admin receives them.
Over the course of the day our call center depends on the admin to keep the vendors available for more job assignments which is done by timely payments. What I mean by this is our job is to bill our client in a timely fashion from the invoices we receive from our vendors in order to pay the vendors…...

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