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Improving Women Entrepreneur in Smes

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INTORDUCTION Nowadays, there are a lot of women are involved in business activity. Most of them tend to involved in Small and Medium Enterprise (SME). Based on the previous studies from Multimedia University, Malacca, they mention that SME has been recognized as a major source of global economic growth and employment of women entrepreneurs have been acknowledged to play critical roles for bringing their ideas and capabilities towards successful achievement of the SME development in their countries. Malaysia government was realizing of the important of women entrepreneur to the growth and development of economic and tries to make available to the women entrepreneurs of funds and grants through many of its agencies such as the Special Assistance Schemes through the Small and Medium Industries Development Corporation (SMIDEC). Based on previous studies, they indicated that the capital, networks affiliation, education, training and counseling, and usage of ICT are important factors influencing the growth of women entrepreneurs in Malaysia. These factors have become barriers to women entrepreneur to success.
According to studies that made by previous researchers, they mention that financial problem is some of barriers that make the women entrepreneur is hardly to success. Financial problem including difficulties to obtain start-up funds, financial management and development of effective marketing and strategy. Thus, for making the process to obtain the financial resources become easier, they must have a good relationship with bank party. Haynes and Helms (2000) stressed about importance of having a relationship with a bank in place at the time of the business lunch. This is because having access to financial resources and emphasizing the financial…...

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